The Bullmastiff Breed

A Bullmastiff is a large, substantial, alert dog who is loyal to his family.  He tends to be attentive to all family members and is happiest when near them.  A Bullmastiff can be athletic and active, romping and running in the yard.  He can also be calm and peaceful, dozing near the fire or an easy chair where his master sits.
The Bullmastiff is an English breed originating from the English Mastiff and the English Bulldog. This breed was recognized in 1924 by the Kennel Club.  The reason for developing this breed was to produce an animal with the guarding abilities of the Mastiff and the courage of the Bulldog.  However, along with these characteristics the Bullmastiff also displays a combination of high spirits, reliability, strength, power, endurance, alertness, and an ideal temperament.

The Bullmastiff’s APPEARANCE is that of a powerfully built, symmetrical dog, showing great strength and activity, but not cumbersome; upstanding and compact in appearance.  Bitches are feminine in appearance, of somewhat lighter bone structure than the male, but should still convey strength.

Height : Dogs: 25-27 in     Bitches: 24-26 in
Weight: Dogs: 110-130 lbs. Bitches 100-120 lbs.

The coat should be short and dense and any shade of red, fawn or brindle in color.  The skull should be large with fair amount of wrinkle when the dog is interested.  The nose and mask should be black.  Ears also should be of a darker color than the body.  The bite should be level or slightly undershot.  Eyes are dark.  Forequarters should be properly angulated, muscular and powerful.  Body should be  compact, chest wide and deep, back short and level.  Hindquarters need to be in balance with the forequarters.  The gait should be free, balanced and vigorous.

People have described Bullmastiffs as intelligent, loyal, stubborn, laid back, family oriented, stoic and even-tempered.  They enjoy being inside or outside.  Romping in the yard is a treat for a Bullmastiff.  Snoozing by your feet can make him just as happy.

(excerpts from The Bullmastiff Home Page )

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