Family Values

We at Catch’s love our bullmastiffs. The bullmastiff, as a powerful, agile and loyal companion, fits right into the family; forming relationships with each member. They are members of our family, and that is what we think they should be. A bullmastiff is happiest as a member of a loving family and that is our goal for all bullmastiffs. A family can consist of lots of different configurations, but all bullmastiffs need a safe place where they get lots of love. Besides a loving family and the basics, they enjoy exercise. A powerfully built, muscular dog such as a bullmastiff needs to run and play to stay in top physical condition. Finally, a loving family is important to help socialize a bullmastiff. They need to be introduced to different people and dogs to learn to accept them.

We interview prospective owners to make sure they have what it takes to be a bullmastiff owner. ( Each dog and person is slightly different. We work to match dog characteristics with the right prospective pet owner.) We want to see bullmastiffs owned and bred by people who have the happiness and best interest of their pets and the breed in mind. We love to communicate with and help bullmastiff lovers find and enjoy their wonderful pets.

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